CLATEX Primer Sealer

CLATEX Wall Putty
January 28, 2016
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Water based primer sealer used on bare cement, gypsum and brick surfaces to regulate surface porosity, consolidate aged brittle layers, thus conferring maximum adhesion to the topcoat, reduce its consumption rate.

Features and Benefits:

• Alkali resistant.
• High coverage.
• Excellent adhesion.
• Perfect sealing properties.

Instructions for Application:

Weather Condition:
Atmosphere during application and drying must be free from dust and other contaminants.
Surface temperature should be between 5 and 35°.

Surface Preparation:
The surface must be dry, clean from dust, free from grease and oil.
In case of old painted surfaces, all loose, peeling and brittle layers should be removed.

Suggested Coating System: Download Data Sheet.

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